The compound SR9009 works by binding to one of the body’s naturally occurring molecules, called Rev-Erbα. This molecule influences lipid and glucose metabolism in the liver, the production of fat-storing cells, and the response of macrophages (cells that remove dead or dying cells) during inflammation.

The study showed that mice lacking Rev-Erbα had decreased muscle metabolic activity and running capacity. However, Burris’ group demonstrated that activation of Rev-Erbα using Stenabolic led to increased metabolic activity in skeletal muscle in both culture and mice. The difference was a 50% increase in running capacity for mice treated with SR9009 – even when exercise was restricted.

Professor Burris explained that the study resulted in animals developing muscles just like an athlete who has been training, even when they haven’t. He believes that Rev-Erbα affects muscle cells through the creation of new mitochondria, and the removal of defective mitochondria via macrophages.

Basically, SR-9009 is one of the strongest endurance boosters out there. It is often compared to GW-5051516 (Cardarine) because the benefits are comparable.

Fat Burning Sarms Liquid Andarine S4 GTX-007 CAS 1010396-29-8 1

There are 7 primary benefits of SR9009 that have been observed in both initial studies and user-reported reviews.

  1. SR9009 increases weight loss

  2. SR9009 increases stamina and endurance

  3. SR9009 may lower blood cholesterol

  4. SR9009 indicates a decrease in inflammation

  5. SR9009 may increase wakefulness

  6. SR9009 may reduce heart disease

  7. SR9009 may effectively reduce anxiety


The best SR9009 dosage should be roughly 30 to 40mg per day for a 10-12 week cycle. If you personally think that SR9009 dosage is too high, you can always start out with 10 to 20mg to see how you react to the compound. Although keep in mind that SR9009 has a very short half-life, so maybe that would not be the best idea.

SR9009 SARMs Dosage Table

SR9009 SARMs Dosage Table

As there are no clinical studies yet on human dosing, these are guidelines only and users should adjust their dose by 10mg to find their sweet spot. Always make sure to build the SR9009 dosage up gradually.

Due to the short half-life of SR9009, it is recommended to spread the dose across 3-4 times per day. Let’s say you are taking 40mg of SR9009, this means that you will have to take 10mg every 4 hours. This is essential, the drug needs to be stable within your body to produce the best results.

With other SARMs, you can get away with dosing once a day but unfortunately with your SR9009 dosage that is not the case. What’s also great about SR9009 is that it is used by both male and females.

30-40mg per day

30-40mg per day

If you want my advice regarding the best SR9009 dosage, start out small and build your dose up gradually. You can just start out by taking 10mg a day and see where that takes you.