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Anti Wrinkle Acetyl Hexapeptide 3 Raw Powder With GMP Certificate

Minimum Order Quantity : 10vials Price : Negotiable
Packaging Details : Plastic Vial(Dedicated for Peptide Packing) or Glass Delivery Time : 3~7days
Payment Terms : L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram Supply Ability : 1000kg per month
Place of Origin: Shanghai Brand Name: Filter
Certification: GMP Model Number: API

Detail Information

Name: Acetyl Hexapeptide-3 Appearance: Powder
Function: Anti-wrinkle Transport Package: Stealthy Package
Color: White
High Light:

peptides used in cosmetics


injectable peptides for skin

Product Description

99% Argirelin , Raw Powder , Serm ,Solution vial Similar Botox focus on Anti-wrinkle

 Acetyl hexapeptide-3 or acetyl hexapeptide-8 (sources differ) is a synthetic anti-wrinkle cosmetics ingredient. It is a peptide which is a fragment of SNAP-25, a substrate of botulinum toxin (Botox). Acetyl hexapeptide-8 is marketed as Argireline by the Barcelona-based

research laboratory Lipotec.



Acetyl hexapeptide-3
Stereo, skeletal formula of acetyl hexapeptide-8
Other names
  • (6S,9S,12S,15S,18S,21S)-21-Acetamido-1-amino-12-(3-amino-3-oxopropyl)-6-carbamoyl-18-(2-carboxyethyl)-9-(3-guanidinopropyl)-1-imino-15-(2-(methylthio)ethyl)-8,11,14,17,20-pentaoxo-2,7,10,13,16,19-hexaazatetracosan-24-oic acid
  • Argireline
3D model (JSmol)
Molar mass 889.00 g·mol−1



Anti Wrinkle Acetyl Hexapeptide 3 Raw Powder With GMP Certificate 4


Instantly Ageless

What do dermatologists think of this ‘wrinkle buster’?

New York City dermatologist Dr. Bobby Buka notes that “Argireline is a great anti-aging ingredient ‘in theory’ because it helps build more tiny blood vessels called capillaries. That microvascularization process is essential because capillaries nourish skin tissue at the cellular level, encouraging healthy elastin and stimulating fibroblasts to produce more collagen.”

When Swol Headquarters, an independent product review website, put Argireline to the test, their experts confirmed the effectiveness of the peptide chain, but questioned its ability to deliver consistent results.

Swol affirms that when applied regularly, Argireline relaxes the muscles around fine lines and wrinkles, including crow’s feet and forehead furrows. However, Swol also notes that the results could vary from person to person, revealing a broad spectrum of efficacy.

They found that in some cases, Argireline reduces wrinkles by up to 30% after 30 days of application while other users experience a reduction of lines of less than 10% over the same time span.

Dr. Buka attributes the inconsistency to possible skin thickness issues. “I’m not sure that there’s a delivery method which provides the sufficient quantities necessary to provide all those benefits Argireline promises. The cream can’t penetrate the skin deep enough to be effective.”

Do studies support Argireline’s anti-aging claims?

There is a lack of clinical research conducted with Argireline, and studies on human subjects are limited.

Dr. Fromowitz expresses his apprehensions over the lack of proven results associated with the product. “My concern is that real world and lab settings are different. Without empirical evidence from double-blind placebo and controlled trials, we just don’t have evidence as to judge whether or not it works,” he concludes.

Conflicting results

Lipotec claims that the peptide solution has demonstrated a decreased appearance of wrinkle-volume by 20.6% and a reduction of wrinkle-length by 15.9% on average. In support of Lipotec’s assertions, a 2002 study concluded that when Argireline is applied to the epidermis in concentrations higher than 5% it effectively reduces lines and wrinkles by up to 30% after 28 days.

On the other hand, Truth in Aging, a website with a mission to provide unbiased guidance on beauty and personal care products, contends that even a 10% concentration of Argireline would be ineffective. They claim this is because the peptide isn’t potent enough to penetrate beyond the first few layers of skin and thus cannot provide the desired freezing effect.


A 2013 Chinese randomized, placebo-controlled Argireline study – one of the only studies featuring human patients (60 subjects) – also notes contradictions and concludes that despite being safe and somewhat effective, the ability of Argireline to permeate skin is inadequate, resulting in significant waste.

The study speculates that perhaps younger, thicker skin may be too substantial a barrier for Argireline to reach pivotal connections of nerves and muscles. The authors conclude that Argireline might have a more of an impact on older, thinner skin.

Are there side effects?

While not everyone has side effects with Argireline, if you have sensitive skin, you may experience stinging upon application as well as redness and dry, flaky skin at contact points. The manufacturers also advise against applying products that contain a peptide to sunburned or irritated skin.

There is anecdotal evidence that suggests extended use of Argireline may cause skin sagging and drooping in some individuals. Some consumers have complained about issues relating to brain fog following long-term use. However, there is no scientific data to support or disprove either of these claims.

If you experience any side effects that concern you when using Argireline on a daily basis, then you should stop using it and consult your doctor.

What alternatives would dermatologists recommend?

Dermatologists all agree that beautiful, healthy skin can be achieved by nourishing the epidermis with a sound diet, proper hydration and the application of topical skin products determined to be safe and effective.

Due to the lack of empirical evidence supporting Argireline claims, Dr. Buka said he does not recommend Argireline to his patients.

“Instead, I trust First Aid Beauty’s catalog of goodies. I especially love any of their products with licorice root as a primary ingredient, like the Skin Lab Resurfacing 10% AHA which brightens, tightens and reduces fine lines.”

Dr. Fromowitz does not feature Argireline on his recommended list of anti-aging products either. “I prefer products that stimulate collagen, for example retinoids, growth factor and peptide-based creams.”

Argireline for thin skin

Without conclusive double-blind clinical studies, the truth about Argireline’s effectiveness remains somewhat murky. Although it appears to be a successful wrinkle-fighter when applied to aging, thinner skin, it does not function as well when used on the thicker epidermis of younger users.

Simply put, it is impossible to determine whether Argireline is capable of delivering the results that its manufacturer claims. Results may vary according to skin type.

Given that there are so many proven and reliable anti-aging creams already on the market, it’s probably best to try one of those instead.


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