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  • Passion Technology Development Limited

    Im good thanks,I tested myself feels good no nasty lumps as with some, i have Customers testing today,it's just price on vials as i pay a lot less with keifei and ansamone,just need to see if customers will pay more.

    Passion Technology Development Limited

    I think the hgh is very good. I noticed after only 2 weeks tingling in the fingers and at 5iu So really strong the hgh that you have presented here. Now i know that there are also good HGH and not only bad. On the manfucturer is reliable,say hello to her from me!

    Passion Technology Development Limited

    Yes,But i will buy golden gh and best GH I have a idea for sell haha. Very much! For your time and for your nice contact! And for your product quality. I appreciate it!

    Passion Technology Development Limited

    After using GH, you obviously feel the change of the body, your product is very real. I will continue to work with you and be a good partner

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+86 13663845045